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Linda Trignano

Certified Grief Coach

One of the most challenging, traumatic grief periods in my life occurred when I suddenly found myself as a single mom raising two children and working at a large corporation with a full load of responsibilities. The corporation did not have a grief or trauma policy, and I received little or no support.

The managers with whom I worked did not have the experience or training to understand my grief journey and provide support. As a result of this lack of support, I joined a grief support group, which helped me begin to heal and also put me on a path to become a grief facilitator. I also realized that other business professionals going through a similar loss or stressful life event were experiencing the same lack of understanding and support.

As part of my journey, I decided that the best way to fill the “trauma/grief” support void in the workplace is to provide training for human resources professionals and managers in how to better support their employees going through trauma, grief, and loss.

I also have over 18 years of corporate management positions with extensive experience in Employee Development Planning, Team Dynamics, Change/Transition Management, and HR Quality Process Management. This experience has made me highly effective at training managers to navigate through productivity demands while providing support for the grieving employee & team.

For more than 24 years I have worked facilitating grief recovery support groups, training grief facilitators, as well as working with individuals who are in the process of recovering from grief and loss. I have worked with individuals experiencing a divorce or death (The Beginning Experience), children who have lost a parent, relative or close friend to death or divorce (Rainbows For All God’s Children) as well as training for a unique Rainbows program to work with the children of 9/11 victims. I am a certified facilitator through the Newark, NJ Diocese to create and run grief support groups. I have been trained by Hospice to work with terminally ill patients, and I served as a facilitator for the support group Rachel’s Vineyard and ministered to men and women who have experienced an abortion and the resulting pain of that decision.

All of this experience has given me the unique skills to be highly effective at training managers to be compassionate as well as excelling as a public speaker. 


Linda offers professional Grief Coaching from early stages to late stages of grief, loss or transition. Her process is compassionate and in-depth. After initial consultation she prepares a tailored program based on your specific needs. Coaching encompasses one-to-one manager or staff member training or the entire team or company.

Linda’s 16 year career with ATT, many within the Human Resources department has given her the insight and knowledge to develop and implement a grief training program that encompasses standard HR practices, insight and compassion needed in the workplace today as well as management training and staff management experience that keeps her focus on productivity.

Linda has spoken to many different audiences on the topic of Grief in the Workplace. She covers the many aspects of grief to help managers and individuals understand grief’s impact and how to ensure that you and your team remain compassionate while continuing to focus on productivity during times of grief, stress or transition.


HR Grief Consultation

Providing timely, expert assistance will help you to resolve any grief in the workplace business issue. The acknowledgement and encouragement needed to work through grief and loss.

Training Programs

This service helps our clients to handle different situations from the compassion and understand side of the business. Services include workshops, Lunch & Learn, Manager training sessions.

Online Courses

Linda is available as an accomplished, inspirational speaker to a variety of groups and organizations. She has a number of topics that may be of interest to your group. Talks or workshops can be tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Customer Review

Here’s what our customers have to say about our workshops and training.

Laura Goddard

""Linda is also an outstanding public speaker. She is engaging, dynamic, and to the point. ”

Joan Galay

"When meeting with our group, you were just awesome. Everyone was so impressed with your presentation and felt so uplifted by the end of the evening. You truly have a talent.”