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Managing trauma in the Workplace

Linda Trignano 

Speaker, Workshop Leader, Coach


Approximately one in four employees is grieving a loss at any given time.

Trauma not only encompasses the death of a spouse, child, relative, friend or co-worker but also includes such events as illness, loss of a job or a home, caretaker issues, a divorce or loss of a beloved pet.

Balancing productivity and compassion can be a difficult challenge for managers, and most managers do not have the experience, tools, or training needed. Before or when loss strikes having a program in place will ensure that you are handling the situation in the best possible way. A program should incorporate training and coaching to understand the emotions of the grief process and techniques to provide support for the grieving employee, team, or client.

When trauma strikes one of your employees, it can have a costly impact on your team and workplace. An individual’s response to their loss is only the beginning of the process of recovery. Our effective programs help employers reduce the impact of loss within the workplace. Programs are best put into place before the need arises.

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Grief Chart Timeline
This chart illustrates the different personal and emotional responses that one in grief experiences. It is often an up and down jagged journey.
Multi-Ethnic Group Of Diverse People Holding Letters
Even though grief is a normal part of life, talking about it and managing through it is often difficult and complex. Training can help!

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On-Site Workshops for Your Team

Our service usually starts with a consultation to understand your unique situation. A customized program is then provided that will help you resolve your trauma in the workplace people and business issues. Email or call 551.800.1127

Grief Plan Diagram

Put a trauma Plan in Place

Balancing productivity and compassion can be a difficult challenge for managers. When loss strikes, having a plan in place will ensure that you are handling the situation in the best possible way. A plan should encompassg trauma coaching and training to understand the stages and emotions of the grief process and provide guidance and support for the grieving employee, team or client.

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Lunch & Learn Training Programs

Our inspiring and compassionate workshops provide critical information and guidance, covering the topic of trauma, grief, death, and loss at work. Knowing how to support a person experiencing a life-altering situation can make a big difference in morale, productivity, and the way your employees view you and your company.

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He Needs Friendly Support

Guiding Your Team Through Loss

The work environment presents unique challenges to both the manager(s) and employee(s) touched by the loss. We help you address the critical need to train your managers on handling workplace trauma, grief, and crisis issues. Our custom workshops give you the tools needed to improve morale while regaining employee productivity.

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Dealing With trauma, Grief & Loss Online

In just a few short years, we have seen and accepted greater usage of the web as a way to connect and express our feelings of loss and grief. Social media has added a new dimension to the grieving process. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other online sites are now used to connect with others during difficult times. This workshop looks at the etiquette needed to guide your response to trauma, grief, and loss on the web while maintaining the sensitivity and understanding the grieving individual’s needs.

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